We are a professional offshore software development company in India. We help medical & healthcare institutions to build applications with our tested methodology.

We develop dynamic, feature-rich & critical applications using our domain expertise in the medical domain. Our team works on various healthcare industry applications like telemedicine, EHR management systems, and Clinic & Hospital Management System.

Talk to us about your requirements, and we can help you build the best software with the latest technologies available. We have a team ready to get started right away.

We help clients right from signing NDA to guide every step. We provide free 30 days of support for any product that we developed.

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Our healthcare development services offering is designed to meet every business's needs. We help medical institutions with ideas to conceptualize products, convert them to requirements, and forge into the state of the art products. All the offerings are in-house; you can rely on a single entity to deliver the product. Our healthcare development outsourcing services consist of experts with in-depth knowledge of the medical domain and developing enterprise software for medical institutions.

Remote Medical Care

We develop cloud-based telemedicine applications with features for dispensaries, medical practices, and other healthcare networks. Our team of developers creates telehealth applications for video-conferencing medical consultations, sharing clinical and administrative data, transmitting images, scheduling appointments, taking medical notes, managing e-prescriptions, and remotely monitoring patients. We also integrate our developed telehealth platforms with 3rd party integrations for compliance.

EHR/EMR Medical Records

We develop HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solutions for medical practitioners & hospitals and web-based healthcare systems for hospitals. Our software includes robust systems architecture, a secure database management system, integrations with 3rd party systems, a reliable patient portal, comprehensive scheduling features, and an intuitive and responsive user interface that works on all desktops and mobile devices.

IoT in Healthcare

We have extensive experience in the internet of things, with our expertise, we apply it to the healthcare domain. We provide IoT services in the healthcare domain that enable, for example, localization and real-time information about medical assets. Remote or automatic management of resources, if possible. This results in higher quality care and time savings and ensures patient safety. These systems can be adapted to every facility, no matter what specialization or size. They can also be integrated with legacy technologies and software, connected and modified.

Personal Health Tracking Apps

Our services include developing personal health applications that feature scheduling appointments, tracking and sharing health, lab results, and health practitioners' medications. Our engineers provide the best software solutions that are efficient and scalable. We have developed applications for Health tracking, Nutrition applications, Reminders and alerts, Online consultations, Educational applications that work on the web and mobile platforms.

Integration with 3rd Party EHR Solutions

We provide integration services for our developed systems with various 3rd party EHR systems. Our developers make sure the systems use standard data formats, including HL7, JSON, and DICOM for processing. It can support reliable protocols like HTTP(S), FTP(S), and TCP/IP. Our developed systems are designed to provide you with reliable healthcare software that is scalable and built for performance.

IT Systems for Clinic/Hospital

Our end-to-end IT Systems for Hospital and Clinic are designed to optimize workflows for doctors, physicians, nurses, and healthcare staff by streamlining administrative, financial, and clinical operations. We develop modules for managing patient medical records (EMR/EHR), doctor-patient engagement, and patient billing information.



HIPAA Compliant Telehealth platform integrated with EHR and Billing system

An application allows for appointments and consultations for patients and medical staff information from medical specialists without a physical presence. The use of live video conferencing, peer-to-peer text communication, and dynamic educational content will empower medical facilities to treat their patient population better.


Complete Compliance Retail, Distribution Software for Cannabis Industry with Automated tax calculation

Zencanna is a suite of sleek Cannabis Compliance tools for Dispensaries, Distributors, and Cultivators. It simplifies the management of visitors, staff, and inventories while automating compliance reporting, accounting processes, tax calculations, and filings.


Gamifying the act of donating with solid ticketing and payment system

The Arab Millionaire Project gives the Arab Community the chance to win substantial cash prizes while supporting charitable causes. ArabMillionaire Limited is gamifying the act of donating by rewarding those who help others!


DCIM IoT solution for Device management, data collection, processing, and visualization

DXN DCIM enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols - MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP and supports both cloud and on-premises deployments. It combines scalability, fault-tolerance, and performance, so you will never lose your data.

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We work in a particular domain, and we are experts in it. We have solid expertise in Software Regulation Standards Like HIPAA, PCI/DSS, GDPR, OWASP, ISO:9001.

Retail & Ecommerce

EHR/EMR Systems

We develop HIPAA compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software solutions for medical practitioners & hospitals and web-based healthcare systems for hospitals.


Patient Portals

We develop portals compliant with the medical standards having features such as teleconferencing, clinical pathways, access to patient's medical health records, appointment scheduling, and more.

Banking & Finance

Medical Practice Management Solution

We design and develop medical Practice Management Software (PMS) with features such as registering patients, recording patient demographics, and medical information. Our solutions are scalable and can be used by clinics to hospital.

Internet Of Things

Insurance Claims Management

Our insurance claims management systems are developed to streamline and track the process of medical insurance claims. We enable claims verification within our platform by obeying the standards and compliance requirements.


Medical Billing Solutions

We develop medical billing systems with payment processing and integration with many digital payment gateways. We facilitate account reconciliation via. Online payment portals.

Media & Advertising

Telemedicine Apps

We develop telemedicine applications that are ubiquitous and accessible to many people to access medical healthcare systems. The solutions also ease the operations on the practionares side.




Adherence to policies for collecting, processing, and securing personal data.



Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is a standard describing data formats and elements and an application programming interface for exchanging EHR.

Healcare HIPAA


Implement secure electronic access to health data & remain in compliance with the privacy regulations set by HHS

Healcare HLP


Compliance with standards for the exchange, integration, sharing, and retrieval of electronic health information.

Healcare DICOM


International standard to transmit, store, retrieve, print, process, and display medical imaging information.

Healcare Snomed


Expertise in medical terms providing codes, terms, synonyms, and definitions used in clinical documentation and report.

Healcare CCDA


Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture.to create documents and template methodologies for medical documents.


ISO 9001:2015

Multiple ISO certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, and ISO 20000:2018 for strict data security protocols.



Video Consultation

Video conferencing enables doctors to reach patients who cannot reach the hospitals, which is a crucial feature our telemedicine applications have built-in a video consultation.


Scheduling appointments with doctors and hospitals enables the stakeholders to schedule and manage daily patient visits with efficiency.


We design cross-platform applications for streamlining e-prescriptions and refill requests, with intuitive interfaces for physicians, pharmacists/pharmacy techs, and patients.

Medical Billing

We develop medical billing systems with payment processing and integration with payment gateways. We facilitate account reconciliation with patients via online payment portals.

3rd Party Integration

Our expert developers create healthcare solutions by integrating software applications for bi-directional information exchange to enable JSON, SOAP, and XML web functionalities.

AI & Machine Learning

We use AI & Machine Learning to enhance our application decision-making capabilities, saving time for medical practitioners.



We are the fastest growing technology company with a year or year growth of 100%. The secret of our success is that we keep it very simple. We focus wholly on understanding the product domain and what we can do using our technology expertise to make products more user friendly without losing quality. We believe in first focusing on users of the product, then look for other factors.

We Respect your Time Zone

We understand it's essential to communicate to understand project requirements. We encourage certain overlapping hours with the client's timezone & daily standup meetings. In the case of production or emergency, our development team works in the client timezone to stabilize the development process.

Best Talent for your Project

All developers are inhouse, having been through our 4-stage interview process, including the programming test. We provide three months of training for both experienced and fresher candidates. We have certification courses to keep them updated. We have the right combination of technology and domain experts. Based on the requirement of the project, we provide the best matching profiles. We allow clients to take interviews or one-week trials to test resources.

Right tools & Process to track tasks

We use a mix of inhouse and standard tools to manage remote teams efficiently. You will be able to communicate with the team any time using slack and Skype. We assign project managers to help technically and logically. We measure time versus tasks so you will be charged for what is being delivered. Our management team feedback to make sure all is well.

Delivered Successful Projects

Our development team has delivered more than 60+ applications, including from small, medium to enterprise scale. Our client retention ratio is above 85%, and most of our business comes from references. We have an end-to-end experience of taking initial requirement gathering to perform the production-ready application performance testing. For each project, we assign domain experts to understand the business use cases of the project.

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Share Project Requirement

Share Your Project

Share your requirement with our domain experts and business analyst. We take time to understand the requirement and do competitive analysis.

Business Analyst Discussion

Get Into Project Details With Business Analyst

Our business analyst takes frequent calls with you to understand each aspect of the project. Based on the understanding, we create reliable scope documents to create the base of the project.

Choose Engagement Terms

Choose Engagement

Based on communication and understanding of the project, we help you choose the best engagement model. We provide you developers that suit requirements.

Kick Start Project

Kick start your

Sign the required documents to get started with the project and make an initial payment. We kick start the project within 24 hours.


Time & Material

Time & Material Model

This model is suitable for projects in which requirements are constantly evolving or not very clear. You will need to provide the project's initial scope, and then we can create a phased plan based on it. You can change requirements based on the fact that we can update milestones. You will be paying for the amount of work done.


Dedicated Team

This model is used for engagement, where you need to extend the team with remote resources. You will need to provide all the necessary skills required for resources. We provide the best matching resources profile based on requirements. We allow customers to take interviews based on requirements or take a two week trial period to check resource skillsets & expertise. Payment will be on per hour basis.

fixed price

Fixed Price Model

This model is suitable for projects where the project's scope is clear and, most importantly, fixed. Fixed price engagement doesn't allow you to make changes in scope. You will need to provide the project's initial scope, and then we can create phased planning based on it. This engagement we recommend only for small projects.



Thinkitive believe in taking the relationship beyond client-vendor. We look for long-term business deals and want to be the right partner in your success. For that reason, we provide 100% Commitment.

100% Transparency

100% Transparency

We believe in transparency and honesty. We don't promise you something that we are not capable of delivering. We keep clients updated during the entire phase of the project.

On Time Delivery

95% On Time Delivery

We have an expert business analyst team to understand the client's requirements and scope it properly. After that, we make sure our technical team delivers it on time.

Free Support

Free 30 Days Support

We take 100% of the responsibilities for our work. We provide 30 days of free support to make sure it performs well on production.

Resource Backup

Resource Redundancy

We have a pool of resources to ensure the project's continued progress in the absence of a primary resource.

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